Saturday, March 16, 2019

Saturday, January 12, 2019


Fifty( 50 ) and beyond. Start getting rid of stuff, start eating better( no meat ), if you work sitting start walking every chance you get.
I personally don’t care about you and you personally don’t care about me. That’s a good thing, now that the BS is behind us let the living begin.
Our body and mind age, the problem is, we follow and live by the spirit of us. The us that enjoy and live for distraction. We will get old and be less capable.
SunKlub International is building on membership knowledge, which is all about the facts of the body and mind in retirement. One fact is Personal Service Workers have too many to care for and the Personal Service Worker is paid crap. SunKlub International is building a service that will pay workers better, to offer the best service and cost members less or free*, by incorporating hospitality into the business plan, for cash-flow and limiting or removing the financial burden of retirement living on the members.

Sunday, August 26, 2018


Yep. It’s said that only a few can get a plan or dream up and going. The fact that many will retire under-funded in a world growing more expensive, calls upon a new type of retirement housing plan before it’s too late. We are at the point where late is now. If this is BS then the cost of housing is affordable and creating a program to make retirement living affordable and enjoyable is a waste of time. We have a deep belief that  Government, faith or divine-being will save us from our inability of seeking solutions simply because we do not acknowledge or understand a problem. Old-age will happen, loss of savings, investment along with lifestyle change can happen. Insuring a place to live in retirement that pays for itself by utilizing the cash-flow of hospitality is a reality based possibility. SunKlub International is doing what we do best, so that you can enjoy free* retirement living. Read our whitepaper / overview then send us your questions via email. You cannot turn back time and change how you should have planned for retirement, you can join our group and together build an all-inclusive ocean view vacation & retirement resort, Las Vegas Nevada. USA.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Better Retirement

A better retirement. Until you retire, you don't know. The retirement you're dreaming of or planning is not found in advertising, it's in your lifestyle. SunKlub International is active, healthy, easy living retirement. SunKlub International retirement living belief is a retirement without financial stress, living fees, utility bills. rent/mortgage or food expenses. SunKlub International is all-inclusive retirement living. Freedom.
Vacation into free retirement living. The all-inclusive resort will combine vacation & retirement units on the same property. All-inclusive vacation will be on one half with it's own pools, bars, and restaurants. Retirement living units will be on the other half with it's own pools, bar/pub and restaurant.
The advantage to members: The vacation division will carry the cost of managing both, all-inclusive vacation & all-inclusive retirement living, this will allow retiring members to retire, free of fees, utility bills, or maintenance cost.

SunKlub International

Retirement hope.